1 BTC: 66899.12

Obittrade INC is a company offering Bitcoin (BTC) Storage Wallet with a secure Private Key for storing your Bitcoins. It offers freedom to all Obittrade members to send/receive BTC worldwide. oBit is a team of professional financial managers, market traders and experienced developers who have joined forces to participate in exchange processes, for attracting and managing investment assets as well as popularization of Bitcoin.

Private Key is a 12 letter alphanumeric combination used to recover access to your digital currency wallet in case the wallet password has been forgotten/lost. In case of lost/forgotten password, and in absence of this unique private key, all Fundsare lost and cannot be recovered. So alwayskeep it printed and safe.

After activation of your Bitcoin wallet you will receive a digital receiving address (unique string of alphanumeric codes) which must be used for receiving any amounts of Bitcoins (minimum 0.1 BTC plus network fee as at the time of transfer) to your Storage Wallet.Once you have BTC in your Storage wallet, click on ‘Make New Portfolio’,enter Bitcoin amount that you would like to invest in trading account (minimum 0.1 BTC and click on ‘Start Trade’.This invested BTC will now reflect in your working capital portfolio and you will receive daily accrued income from your Portfolio for upto 540 days. At end of this 540 day period, your investment will also be returned to you in full.

To check detailed statistics of trade transactions as well as to get reports of trades you can write a message to support (link on ribbon on top of website). You can also order a report of the company's financial activities for the last six months in the "For investors" section.

To register Bitcoin wallet, go to ‘Create Bitcoin Wallet’ and fill basic details, get verified by email confirmation and you are done, its that simple! Activate your wallet permanently by transferring 0.1 BTC to trade wallet or your wallet will be deleted after 10 days .

Anyone who is 18 years of age and above can register on the company's website and use its services. To do this, you don't have to be a financial expert or possess any knowledge about the basics of exchange trade or crypto currency.

To become a client, you have to carefully read terms of cooperation and register a personal account. The registration procedure is quick and free.

You can register only one account. In case of violation of this rule, all your accounts will be blocked until clarification of circumstances.

Bitcoin account (wallet address) - identifier (account number) starts with 1 or 3 and contains 34 alphanumeric latin characters. You can find it on the website, where you have previously registered as a Bitcoin user.

To change your payment details in personal account, you should use the confirmation code (one time password, or OTP), which is sent via email (associated with your account).Enter it in the space provided after editing your payment details. If the code is not received for a long time, please check your internet connection and contact customer service support.

You can do it yourself in account settings. If you encounter difficulties when changing your account settings, please contact customer service support.

If you can not login, first of all, check correctness of entered data: your login id and password. If you have forgotten your password, use reset function to get a new one. To do this, follow the link and enter your email.