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Obittrade Wallet development Services

Obittrade Wallet development Services

At Obit Trade, we develop Free Bitcoin Wallet this wallet is used for send Receive and store your crypto assets and we help companies to launch their own Cryptocurrency Wallet Development. it is very considerable to own a cryptocurrency wallet that helps you send and receive your coins. In the recent years, the number of Cryptocurrency Wallet users has been escalating.

If you would like to own Bitcoin or exchange them, it is necessary to own a Obit Trade Wallet. It is World first wallet that provides assured income of 0.28 to 0.45 from your assets till 540 days It also provides the holder a complete control over it.

We provide 3 types of Wallets for Storing exchanging and gaining benefits from your Bitcoin

     Bitcoin Storage Wallet

Bitcoin Storage Wallet provides unlimited Receiving, Storage and transfer Facility of Bitcoin.

     Exchange/Trading Wallet.

When you transfer your coins to Exchange wallet you are able to start BTC trading with our Expert Crypto traders. In order to gain Profit, you must transfer Bitcoin to your trading wallet

    Accrued Wallet

In Accrued Wallet we transfer Daily Profit gained by portfolio.

How Portfolio Closure Works

If at any point of time, any Working Portfolio is closed before the maturity date, a 5% to 20% deduction charges will apply on the Working Portfolio depending on when the portfolio was initially created.

Deduction Charges will be calculated as follows: If Working Capital Portfolio is withdrawal is as follows

     Within 30 Days 20%

     Within 60 Days 15

     Within 90 Days 10%

     Within 120 Days 5%

For example, e.g. If a Portfolio with 1 BTC invested is closed immediately after 3 months then a profit of 0.36 would have accrued until then in Accrued Wallet.

The total refundable amount will be calculated as follows:

     Initial Investment: 1.00

     Less, Deduction Charges of 10% of investment (as per table above) - 0.10

     Less, Accrued Profit: -0.36

     Balance credited back to accrued profit 0.54.

Thus, 0.54BTC will be credited back to Accrued Wallet, which when added to existing 0.36BTC will become a total of 0.9 BTC in Accrued Wallet. Do note that in line with the calculation method above, if Accrued Profit is more than Initial Investment in Portfolio than refundable BTC will be 0 (zero). We thank our members for their support to ensure the longevity of obittrade in these tough market conditions for crypto-trading.