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Hello to all our Valuable users as earlier Obit Was taken Decision by management and Team Leaders to Close all OBIT Account from India ,accept few accounts ,due to regular Crypto market crash ,irregularity and sustainability of Crypto Market. the users whos account are converted to Doller ($) be patience and wait till December ,our system calculated your BTC from $7100 value equal to 1 BTC , all users will get there Doller in INR or BTC form . if is there any confusions and difficulties feel free contact us by support option . Regards OBIT Management

9/10/2018 5:47:13 PM

Updated for July 2018

Hello Dear Members.
Very important  month (July) for all industry Crypto currency. Why? Because of this event: G20 Wants Cryptocurrency Industry Regulated By July 2018. And we expect good and positive news from this event. 1) 
Ragulation is not the most positive news, but without regulation Financial institutions will not invest large capital in this Industry, And After regulation we can We can expect good investments from the Financial Institutions!!!
We are now sending you an article on this upcoming even G20. 

During the world G20 summit held in Argentina, the world’s economic leaders sought proposals for cryptocurrency regulation. The proposals should be submitted by July 2018 to the G20 communique. The G20 acknowledges the importance of the technological innovation behind the crypto assets and points out that it has the potential to improve the inclusiveness and efficiency of financial systems, and the economy as a whole. The communique also sees cryptocurrencies as crypto-assets and not as currencies.
According to the G20 communique, cryptocurrencies raise issues that involve the protection of the investor and consumer, market integrity, tax envision, terrorism financing and money laundering. Global regulators have echoed these issues in the past.

The discussion’s inspiration can be said to have come from Germany, France, Japan and the US, who have in the past sought for the regulation of the industry.

Government officials and central bankers from these countries have in the past advocated for the closer regulation of crypto assets, due to the impact these assets could have on investors, crime, and the global economy. The German and French finance officials noted in a joint letter that cryptocurrencies could lead to substantial risks for investors. The US treasury secretary, Steven Muchin, together with an unidentified Japanese government official, also expressed their concerns that crypto asserts could be used to fund illegal activities.

Some of the regulators that attended the meeting called for a universal set of regulations that could be enforced by every nation. However, it is not clear if these regulations will ever occur.

However, not all countries share the regulation of cryptocurrencies as in Brazil, for example, it has already been announced that crypto won’t be regulated.

At the end of the communique, it was clear that proposals for regulations in the crypto industry are to be submitted by July 2018.
oBit Team 

7/2/2018 12:51:48 PM


Dear ObitTrade Members,

Please note one important change in the rules for earning Gap Income going forward. Please be reminded that these changes only effect Associates who belong from level 1 to Crown level and not to any other members.
As a reminder, Gap Income, as you all may already be aware, is the income every member earns from their associates on a daily basis. The other type of income every member earns is self-income. A member who does not have any associates under them, do not qualify to earn Gap Income, and only earn income from self-investment.
From now on, there will be awarded monthly based on the “Monthly Business Target” achieved by every portfolio, or in other words, the targeted new investments brought in by them as per the table below.
Minimum “new” investment (a.k.a. Monthly Business Target) required to be made every month is based on the level of the individual account as per the table below.

Level 1 = 0.05
Level 2 = 0.10
Level 3 = 0.15
Level 4 = 0.20
Level 5 = 0.25
Level 6 = 0.30
Level 7 = 0.35
Level 8 = 0.40
Level 9 = 0.45
Level 10 = 0.50
Club and Crown = 0.50 

Business Counted up to 10th Depth 
The new investment must be created from the Storage Wallet and reinvestments from Income Wallet will not count.
Self-Investment is not counted towards the business target achievement. Although it will count towards your sponsor’s target, so long as it is made from Storage Wallet.
Targets will start from day 1 to day 60 of every time a new portfolio is created.
Whenever associate achieve these targets their gap income will start for next 60 days.
After 60 days, there will be a grace period of 10 days where the income from associate will drop by 1%.
if an associate is unable to complete their next month target then gap income will become zero (0) after this grace period of 10 days and they will only get their own daily income which is earned by self-working portfolio.
Note -: 50% of this Monthly Business Target must be completed from any one leg and remaining could then be completed by any other leg below the same portfolio.

Thank you and best wishes
ObitTrade Management Team

6/27/2018 8:22:45 PM

Urgent Announcement


This message is applicable to all our members based in India or operating their ObitTrade account within Indian financial System and use Zebpay Exchange as the medium to buy/sell Bitcoin.
Zebpay has recently put this notice on their website:
General Zebpay Announcement: Your Rupee Withdrawals Could Stop
Dear Customer,
This is a VERY IMPORTANT announcement in light of the recent Reserve Bank of India circular: DBR.No.BP.BC.104 /08.13.102/2017-18 dated April 6, 2018.
Our industry has approached the Supreme Court of India to challenge the circular, as we feel it is counterproductive, and against the interest of citizens. As a responsible corporation, we regard customer-protection and market-integrity as our primary objectives. In light of that, please note that if Zebpay bank accounts are disrupted, rupee deposits and withdrawals will become impossible. This can cause discontinuation of crypto trade based on rupees, or at least cause significant price movements. This is something you should keep in mind if you choose to hold rupees in your Zebpay account.
Please note that you will not be able to withdraw rupees unless Zebpay has banking services that permit such withdrawal. Also, in case of disruption of banking services to Zebpay, you hereby indemnify Zebpay, and agree to hold Zebpay free and harmless at all times, against all claims, proceedings, expenses, costs, actions in the event of any prejudice and/or loss being caused to you by any act or omission by Zebpay or any other party, in regard to your rupee balance, transactions, trading, deposit, or withdrawal.
Of course, since our bank accounts are functional at the time writing this announcement, you are welcome to place a withdrawal request for your rupee balance. If you do that, we will endeavor to return your rupee balance to your bank account as soon as possible, so long as our banks support such withdrawal. If you choose to withdraw your rupees, please make sure to also cancel your unexecuted trade orders if any.
Please note that ObitTrade has no relation with Zebpay and whilst ObitTrade will cooperate in withdrawals for affected customers, ObitTrade does not take liability for any financial loss incurred by its members due to the decisions made by the Reserve Bank of India or Zebpay, since ObitTrade has no influence or responsibility towards these independent Institutions/Organisations.
In your support,
ObitTrade Management

6/22/2018 3:18:11 PM


Dear Obit Members, 

Due to some technical difficulties it is taking longer than expected to implement the changes that we all have agreed for a longer and brighter future. Kindly bear with us on the same and we will hopefully get everything in place very soon. Once the changes are completed, the first thing we will do is clear all the withdrawal requests so rest assured, things will be normalised by the end of this month. Thank you for your patience. 

ObitTrade Management 

6/20/2018 5:53:42 PM

New Updates Details

Dear ObitTrade Members,

In line with the discussions we have had with various user groups over the past few weeks, below are the new set of operational rules that Obit will be observing from now onwards. As has been discussed, these changes are required to ensure longevity of Obittrade as a fair and reasonable investment opportunity both for the members and the operators. We also commit to be one of the most effective and competitive investment option in the market, not only when compared to alternative crypto-currencies or crypto-trading options, but also traditional investments.

We hope we will get your cooperation on the way forward as much as we are looking forward to provide an uninterrupted and progressive service to all Obittrade investors.


1. All portfolios created between 1st February 2017 to 31st July 2017 will be closed.

2. All Reinvestments done starting from 1st August 2017 to 25th January 2018 will be closed and remaining BTC balance will be credited to accrued wallet where Investors can withdraw these BTC.

3. All remaining Portfolios will be converted to a model that will earn an average of 0.28% profit. These Portfolios will have an option to upgrade to a H/Y module where profits will be released once every 6 month instead of this happening daily.

4. Crown 3 Rewards are closed with immediate effect.


5. If investors create a new Portfolio from Storage Wallet the system will provide 2 investment options:
a) L/Y Model - where profits average at 0.28% daily for up to 540 days and profits are released on daily basis, or
b) H/Y Model - where profits average at 0.35% daily for up to 540 days but profits will be released once in every 6 months).

6. All new Portfolios created from Accrued Wallet will automatically be created within the H/Y Model which means a profit of 0.35% accrued on daily basis for up to 540 days but where profits will be released once every 6 months instead of daily.

7. Limits to create a new Portfolio from:
a) Storage Wallet – 0.10 BTC minimum for first portfolio and any subsequent portfolio from minimum 0.05 BTC.
b) Accrued Wallet – Through Accrued Wallet, an investor can only create ONE Portfolio every month for not more (or less) than 0.10 BTC.


8. After all of these changes are implemented, withdrawals will start from a maximum limit of 0.05 BTC, once in every 15 days. We assure you that these limits will be gradually become better (increase in BTC allowed to withdraw and decrease in minimum days) very soon.

9. Every ObitTrade Account will have a minimum Portfolio size requirement as per their level in order to raise withdrawals. This means an Associate  must have a minimum number of BTC invested in their Trading Portfolio as per below:

If you are in Level 1 (L-1), then your portfolio should be at least 0.10 BTC.
If you are in L-2, then your portfolio should be at least 0.20 BTC.
If you are in L-3, then your portfolio should be at least 0.30 BTC.
If you are in L-4, then your portfolio should be at least 0.40 BTC.
If you are in L-5, then your portfolio should be at least 0.50 BTC.
If you are in L-6, then your portfolio should be at least 0.60 BTC.
If you are in L-7, then your portfolio should be at least 0.70 BTC.
If you are in L-8, then your portfolio should be at least 0.80 BTC.
If you are in L-9, then your portfolio should be at least 0.90 BTC.
If you are in L-10 and above, then your portfolio should be at least 1 BTC.


10. Any User can store infinite amount of BTC in their Storage Wallet and will be able to transfer any amounts of same to another BTC address without any network fee for next 6 months from now. All users will earn 7% annual return on average of BTC balance maintained in Storage Wallet.

11. Promotional Activity introduced from 5th June 18 to 4th July 2018 - User will get extra Portfolio of 10% buyback after making new portfolio from Storage Wallet of more than 0.50 BTC.

List of ALL Portfolios that will be closed will be shared with Sponsor Associates for their respective members, so please contact your Sponsors for details.

Lastly, we would like to thank our members for their support and look forward to a collaborative period where we find win-win solutions for all parties involved in ObitTrade for a better, brighter and longer future.

Best Wishes
ObitTrade Management

6/5/2018 9:59:07 PM

Introducing World first Saving Storage wallet of Bitcoin

Introducing World’s first oBit Storage Wallet, a unique service that allows you to earn profit from your dormant bitcoins. It takes just a few seconds to transfer your bitcoins from your wallet to your oBit Storage Wallet account and you will begin to earn 7% annual storage profit on your storage wallet’s average BTC Balance.

oBit Storage Wallet guarantees full liquidity which means you can withdraw your funds at any time without financial penalties. We use sophisticated algorithms to calculate your payments based on the amount and duration of your deposit and withdrawals to ensure you get pro-rated profit on your average BTC balance.

oBit Storage Wallet is the ideal saving solution for both long-term and short-term savers. You will begin to earn competitive interest annually and calculation of this interest will start within 24 hours of transferring bitcoins to your Storage account. If you wish to withdraw your bitcoins, your money will be readily available. If you want to leave your bitcoin in your account for months, or even years, and watch your deposits earn profit from storage, oBit offers world’s first simple, secure and hassle free way of BTC saving. Enjoy this unique feature on your journey with obittrade.                                                      
oBit Team
for more details navigate to news and updates button in dashboard 
join telegram link for latest updates   https://t.me/obittradeinc

5/29/2018 11:50:24 AM

Storage Wallet Limits are open to unlimited

Hello obit users,
In order to streamline the withdrawals in obittrade a lot of effort and thinking by specialists are under process.We would like to propose the following amendments in the running of obittrade for it is safe and long operations in future.As per the previous wallets some new wallets and its changes are henceforth.

1.Storage Wallet : This is the wallet wherein you can buy BTC from the market and store here as obit is safe with it is private key feature. Also we are happy to announce you can withdraw BTC from this wallet on a single click of withdrawal without any wait time just the time of block chain process.

2. Trading wallet: If from storage wallet you want to trade ,then make a new portfolio with BTC you want to trade ,will move in trading wallet for 540 days and daily accrued credit to accrued profit wallet .

3. Accrued Profit wallet: Whatever daily BTC you earn in trading e.g. between 0.28 to 0.45% daily can be seen in accrued profit wallet. The withdrawal of trading wallet can be done but now with some limits so that a proper withdrawal channel is created to smoothen the process of retrieval of BTCs. Today onwards only 0.1 BTC can be withdrawn in 10 days. For withdrawal of next 0.1 BTC only after 10 days it can be done.

4. Reinvestment : Now the reinvestment can be done from accrued profit wallet after 6 months of creating of trading wallet, before this reinvestment of profits can not be done.

Owing to apply the above rules and to scrutinise the withdrawal issue all the previous withdrawals including today s withdrawal stand cancelled and new withdrawal with limits can be put from tomorrow itself. Anticipation of better future and profitable earning in coming times we are taking steps to deal with current situation. Hoping an understanding and positive response from our Obittrade members.

oBit Team
telegram link  https://t.me/obittradeinc

5/23/2018 7:38:31 PM

Start Trade with 0.10 BTC

Hello to all obit users,
After considering the current market scenario and integrity of the trading accounts and to save from counterfeiting by considering suggestion from marketing associates it is decided that any amount of BTC can be kept in  BTC storage wallets but to activate trading wallet and making Portfolio is minimum 0.1 BTC is compulsorily required henceforth. Any suggestions can be sent to us through support tickets.

Obit Team

5/23/2018 7:37:41 PM

BTC updates

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The BTC price is currently moving to psychological threshold of $8 000 for 1 digital coin after yesterday unsuccessful attempt to recover BTC rising up to $9 000. The coin pair of BTCUSD is currently trading at $8 216 on Bitfinex exchange. However, yesterday it rose from $8 300 up to $8 864. 

From the perspective of graphic analysis, the coin pair of BTCUSD is currently moving within one-hour timeframe (1H) in range of recently formed down trend: 

If this down trend continues, then Bitcoin price probably will fall down up to $6 700. As it was on 12th of April, after that BTC price started rising dramatically. From a fundamental point of view, we haven’t noticed any circumstances which may affect dramatically on BTC. Everything is still the same: the question of crypto currency scaling is still unsolved, however, Lightning Network is considering as a possible solution for this.

So far, almost 2 000 ‘nodes’ (units) already connected to Lightning Network, along with 6 500 channels between these ‘nodes’ according to Inmainnet.gaben.win. Consequently, we can see that quantity of ‘nodes’ and channels doubled for the last 2-3 months. 

In our point of view, if Lightning Network helps to solve the problem of BTC scaling, then the crypto currency price will recover its long-term and stable up trend. Thus, in long-term perspective, the BTCUSD will reach its historical maximum of $ 20 000. But, currently it is difficult to say that Lightning Network is a possible solution to increase BTC network capacity. So, we do not expect constant rising of BTC in the nearest future. Probably, it will be chaotic and highly volatile movements for BTCUSD in the next few months. 

Source: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) forecast and analysis on May 16, 2018.

5/17/2018 11:22:13 AM

Introducing " oBit Pay" Buy and Sale Bitcoin Worldwide

oBit is an always-improving toolchain that gains new features every month. Our world-class engineering team constantly iterates upon every facet of the obit stack. And from oBit wallet to oBit Pay, building on oBit means you get early access to the latest technologies. now you can easily buy and sale your Bitcoin through our new upcoming service called " oBit Pay " within 60 days . easy like 1-2-3 how it works Buy Bitcoin = Enter BTC amount how much you want buy , pay through Credit or Debit Card and get Credit BTC balance in Your BTC Storage Wallet , Sale Bitcoin = Enter BTC amount how much you want to sale , get Dollar ($) balance in your "oBit Pay" account of total sale by BTC , link your any country account out of 26 countries where you want to received your fund , withdraw your fund , oBit pay transfer your fund to your account in your local fiat currency via wired Transfer facility . Country List = Australia, Austria Belgium ,Canada,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Hong Kong,India,Ireland,Japan,Luxembourg,Netherlands,New Zealand, Norway,Singapore,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom, United States,Italy PREVIEW,Portugal PREVIEW,Brazil PREVIEW and Mexico PREVIEW

4/7/2018 9:55:43 PM

Activation of trading account has been changed

Hello to all obit users after lots of emails and suggestion by marketing associates we have decide that minimum activation of trading account charge from 0.01 to 0.05 BTC because lots of peoples are joining with multiple account for promote his self reaching in club thats why we take this decision . We respect your suggestions you can send us through support ticket if you have any Regards oBit Team

3/28/2018 3:10:41 PM

G20 Positive Review

G20 summit which held yesterday included all the presidents and prime ministers of all the countries had a positive discussion on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.They said that cryptocurrencies won't be used as currencies of course but will be used as assets.Also they said there is no risk of cryptocurrencies on financial system. So there is no need to ban it. Also they will think about regulating it in the next summit in July.So the market is going up. And expecting a bullish trend very soon. visit - https://cointelegraph.com/news/g20-and-cryptocurrencies-baby-steps-towards-regulatory-recommendations

3/21/2018 3:17:31 PM

Important Updated

Welcome to Obit Trade INC Important Announcement -: 1) Due to some Security implements our previous withdrawal are suspended for few days so all pending withdrawal will transfer after 48 hours . 2) Now in days Crypto Market is very versatile and due to Bitcoin Market Flash Crash all Crypto Currency also in very dip position ,our trading team is working with strategy , during this period for three to seven days withdrawal may not processed so please be calm and patience Regards obit trade technical team

3/21/2018 3:12:05 PM

US Congress Talks Positive About Cryptocurrency

BREAKING NEWS: US Congress Talks Positive About Cryptocurrency The 2018 Joint Economic Report, an assessment of the nation’s economic status and recommendations for the upcoming year, included an entire section dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is the first time the blockchain technology was mentioned in such a substantial way in the annual publication. The comprehensive report tracks cryptocurrencies rise to prominence. The report states that blockchain technology can serve as a potential tool for fighting cybercrimes and protect both the nation’s economy and its infrastructure. It’s this area of application, the report notes, that should be a priority for lawmakers and regulators. Lawmakers and the public should become more familiar with both cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. It adds that “regulators should continue to coordinate among each other to guarantee coherent policy frameworks, definitions, and jurisdiction,” concluding that government agencies “at all levels should consider and examine new uses for this technology.” This report is just one of the many new signs that the U.S. government is taking the subject of blockchain and cryptocurrencies seriously. Which is nothing but good news for the crypto space. Crypto and blockchain technology is here to stay. Read the full Joint Economic Report here (https://www.congress.gov/115/crpt/hrpt596/CRPT-115hrpt596.pdf)

3/18/2018 12:30:27 AM